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Friday, July 16, 2004

10. Roman Family Rescue

Egad, this was more a horrible plot point than a purely historically inaccurate one.  First, I’m not sure where Romans would have been living north of Hadrian’s Wall during the 450’s A.D.  I don’t believe any Roman villas were ever situated that far north.  This family was so important to the all-powerful Pope that it, including his favorite godson, was banished to the furthest possible outpost of the Roman Empire (actually not, see point 6) and surrounded by hostile Woads/Picts?  Just to be fair, the only possible place I could think of north of Hadrian’s Wall with some degree of Roman activity would be Alclud, the capital of the Strathclyde Britons.  The villa shown in the movie was not the mighty fortress of Alclud, the Rock of the Britons (Dumbarton).  The Romans of this villa were archetypical evil slave masters and bad, bad Christians flouting their authority over good, good Pagan serfs.  Hollywood occasionally makes me sick to my stomach.

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